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Episode 6 will come in Mar 21, 2018 - today
1 Episode 1
Wednesday Feb 14, 2018
Andrew endures a painfully difficult night out with Denise and two new friends when he discovers that Kim is headed to the same restaurant. His efforts to relocate both parties become increasingly desperate.
2 Episode 2
Wednesday Feb 21, 2018
Andrew takes steps to undermine Kim's self-confidence when her campaign to improve the state of local roads gathers momentum and threatens to upset the delicate balance of his carefully constructed double life.
3 Episode 3
Wednesday Feb 28, 2018
Andrew's worst nightmare comes true when he finds out that his daughter, Chris, and his son, Kris, socialise in the same circles, and perhaps even fancy each other. Trying to discover the truth, he learns only that his daughter is a good liar.
4 Episode 4
Wednesday Mar 07, 2018
Andrew's long absences begin to take their toll on his partners and children. Struggling to cope with the pressures of his double-life, he starts to unravel; the authorities become involved, which just adds to his woes.
5 Episode 5
Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
Andrew treats Denise and Kris to a day out in Weston-super-Mare. It's the first time in ages they have had fun together as a family, but even there Andrew cannot seem to escape the threat of exposure.
6 Episode 6
Wednesday Mar 21, 2018
To his horror, Andrew realises that his son, Kris, is about to start a new job at his other house. Staring down the barrel of certain disaster, Andrew goes to extreme lengths to save himself, unaware that his partners are set on a collision course...


IMDb 7.1 na min/episode
A philandering travel writer attempts to balance his two family lives.
Stephen Mangan, Heather Graham, John Gielgud, Jo Hartley, Goran Kostic, Oscar Kennedy, Spike White, Hannah Millward
United States, United Kingdom
6.6 / 21 times
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