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Episode 3 will come in Jan 16, 2018 - today
1 Winds of Change
Tuesday Jan 02, 2018
In the Season 4 premiere, a new Jazz emerges, eager to expand her social circle and explore dating, but Jazz is also hiding a dark secret from her family that may come out to haunt her. Later, Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida, threatening the safety of the Jennings family.
2 Weighty Issues
Tuesday Jan 09, 2018
Jazz and Jeanette return home to the devastation left by Irma, and in an effort to help, Jazz and her parents drive to the Keys to help in the cleanup. Later, the family travels to San Francisco to meet with Dr. Bowers, who has some shocking news for Jazz.
3 Resisting Temptation
Tuesday Jan 16, 2018
Learning she needs to lose 30 pounds to be eligible for bottom surgery, Jazz commits to losing weight. Later, Jazz and Jeanette participate in a debate over controversial research that suggests children shouldn't be placed on hormone blockers before puberty.

I Am Jazz 4

IMDb 4.8 42 min/episode
This is about a 14 year old girl who was assigned male at birth. This is her story about going into high school and how she feels about her life as she transitions becoming a woman while her family supports her.
Jazz Jennings, Jeanette Jennings, Greg Jennings, Sander Jennings, Griffen Jennings, Ari Jennings
United States
6.2 / 21 times
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