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01 1,920 Hours
Wednesday Mar 15, 2017
Recent med-school graduate David Tracey just lost his residency. With $584,000 of student loan debt and his dream of being a "real doctor" destroyed, he discovers a loophole: If he can perform 1,920 hours of supervised clinical therapy, he'll still be able to help people for a living. Now all he needs is a supervising therapist, and patients willing to come to his his parents' garage.
02 Another Stakeout 2
Wednesday Mar 15, 2017
After misunderstanding a therapy exercise regarding personal letters which are meant to be kept private, David compromises his relationship with two patients, and then has to enlist Doug to help him track down a letter he sent his ex.
03 Well Sanded
Wednesday Mar 15, 2017
After an unfulfilling one-night stand, David grapples with the loss of his ex and the loss of potential with someone new. A first-time patient finds something unusual in his Uncle's attic. David's family starts to feel the strain of his debt.
04 143, 144, 145...
Wednesday Mar 15, 2017
David uses an unorthodox approach with a new patient who's having trouble fitting in with his college basketball team. Doug's sister, Kendra, insists on becoming one of David's patients and spends her sessions setting David straight on past indiscretions.
05 Burn Rubber
Wednesday Mar 15, 2017
The garage is being fumigated because of a rat problem, so David resorts to doing therapy in his car. After a happy hour with his former medical school friends, David has an unexpected breakup, only this time with a key patient.
06 S.O.S.
Wednesday Mar 15, 2017
On the brink of exhaustion from working two jobs, David falls asleep everywhere he goes. He and his mother remember David's father by going to one of his favorite places. David gets advice from an unexpected source.
07 O.T.T.
Wednesday Mar 15, 2017
Two of David's patients break up and, despite a warning from his supervising therapist, David struggles not to intervene in their lives. Doug discovers his manager, Julia, has a different idea regarding the nature of their relationship.
08 Cool Ranch
Wednesday Mar 15, 2017
Despite recent successes in therapy, a visit from an old patient forces David to question whether he's made the right career choice. Old feelings resurface when his past and present lives collide.
Special Bonus Session - Multiplying Fish
Wednesday Mar 22, 2017
David and Pastor Kaine disagree on some of Jesus's most memorable miracles.
Special Bonus Session - Mount Rushmore of Musicals
Wednesday Mar 22, 2017
David and Joey get sidetracked discussing the best musicals of all time.


IMDb 8.1 na min/episode
Like most med school grads, David Tracey expected to roll straight into a residency, earn his license to practice medicine and begin paying off his massive student loans. But when his hospital position falls through, David devises a scheme to start offering free psychotherapy - out of his parents' garage. Now, all he needs to do is clock the 1,920 clinical hours required and he'll get his life back on track. But when a ragtag stream of oddball clients begins coming to him for help, he starts to realize something about himself. He may have just found a new career that makes him feel right at home.
Joel Murray, Meagen Fay, Kyle S More, Mary Holland, Tim Baltz, Sue Gillan, Hans Holsen, Tyla Abercrumbie
Tim Baltz,Ted Tremper
United States
7.4 / 21 times
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